Dane. I found him enjoying a nice spring morning. I'm from Southern Cal, so when it starts warming up I find myself thinking about the beach.

I had a Nash skateboard when I was a kid. It was basically a longboard. Once I went camping with my family. We car camped. There was a big hill leading into our area. It was steep and long. I walked to the top and started my decent. About halfway down I hit a rock, I flew about 40 feet through the air. I picked pebbles out of my hands and knees for a few weeks.



Martin for Men's Fitness Magazine. He was cool, a bit self conscious but had a story to tell. Said he was going out for a steak dinner after the shoot. I used to wait tables at a steakhouse in Alaska. It was fun. The Steak was good. I liked the porterhouse, medium rare. The service was fantastic, as long as I waited on you.



We were headed back from a shoot in Southern Utah last week. I spotted this guy and his rigged setup. My assistant grabbed the camera and I pulled up along side. He loved the attention, sporting us the hang loose sign.


spring and cold

It's supposed to be spring here. It's not. It's cold. There's snow. Savannah enjoyed the first five minutes of the shoot, then decided she was done.



Family, San Antonio-