TV commercial shoot

My producer Marybeth Mazzone and my 1st AD Marc Vance. The location was beautiful.  We had two 18k's and two 10k's coming through the windows creating a setting sun feel all day.

Marc and Marybeth getting ready to roll.

Paul Meyers DP and I getting ready to roll off the first shot.  We shot with Arri Alexa and Cooke 5i primes.  The quality of the footage is the best I've ever seen from a digital camera.

Giving some direction to the talent.  In total we had 50 extras on set.

Lining up a shot.

Making sure things are looking good.

Agency art director Phil in the background.  We used maxi brutes with one or two lights lit for fill shooting through some silk and grids.

Deciding on camera moves for the band shots.


new photography portfolio

Brand new photography portfolio and website coming early March-


football behind the scenes

Working on the shot with Paul Meyers my DP.  Byron, 1st AC working on focus.
The RED Epic + Cooke S4's = crazy good footage.

Jake Heaps just before action. 

Me giving some direction.

The set.

Giving some serious direction with my game face on.

Getting wet while giving direction.

The players getting some special effects dirt on.


choir school spot

Check out the new spot created for the Madeleine Choir School-  EDdirects.com

In total we had 51 kids and 26 crew members on set and A LOT of food!!!


nike spot

The spot is now live http://EDdirects.com/nike.php

I played lots of basketball as a kid.  I was fast but man was I short.  I remember this one kid in 8th grade who could dunk from what seemed like the free throw line.  He could flat out fly.


ny times spot

You can check out the finished spot here: eddirects.com/nytimes.php

I had a paper route when I was a boy growing up in Southern California.  I loved being alone on the streets during those early mornings.  Hearing the birds chirping, feeling the wind on my face and the excitement of pedaling along effortlessly while making money seemed like a dream.  A couple hundred dollars a month was a ton of money to a kid in the early 90's-  You know, I needed hypercolor t-shirts, slap wristbands and Air Jordans of course!



This spot is now on my director's reel site- EDdirects.com


saucony fire girl tv spot

Here are some stills from the Saucony footage.  This :60 spot will be released next week on my site EDdirects.com


director's reel

Watch for more spots over the next month-  EDdirects.com


edward jones spot

I directed another spot two weeks ago.  The talent, wardrobe and location collided again to make this piece visually beautiful.  We couldn't have done it without our phenomenally talented crew. It's currently in post and coming along nicely.   My director's reel website should be live in the next few weeks-


NHL tv spot

I've been working on producing my directors reel for the last few months.  These are the screen grabs from the spot I directed last Friday.  The spot is currently in post and is coming along nicely.  

The location, talent, wardrobe and concept kind of collided over top of me and my DP Paul Meyers during the shoot resulting in the above.  I'll post the final spot soon-


documentary shoot with jimmer fredette

I had the opportunity to shoot and spend a few days with Jimmer Fredette in Glens Falls, NY this past summer.  The kid can score the basketball, no question about it.  More than that though, he was raised the right way and it shows in the way he lives his personal life as well as his attitude on the court.


some new images

Shot on a beautiful morning overlooking the valley I live in-

See more new images at the edshoots site.


get to know ED

I shot this piece with my personality and interests in mind. Here are a few stats about the image and myself:

1. I grew up in Southern Ca. and love the ocean (lakes are an ok substitute)
2. I golf (best round 72, I always walk, never ride)
3. I hate wearing shoes (sandals or bare foot all the way)
4. I love mountains (I ride my road bike up the canyon on the right)
5. I enjoy early mornings

Client: Personal work (because I love to shoot)
Talent: Me (Yes, I have curly hair and toned calves)
Location: Utah

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Tel: (781) 631-5235 info@t-mitchell.com


design awards

More awards for the ED brand. Featured in Mini Graphics.
Props again go to Eric Kass at funnel.tv


new work for evinrude

"The thought of getting a killer shot always helps get me out of a comfortable bed early in the morning. The brisket still churning in my stomach from the night before had finally settled so I knew it was going to be a special morning even before we arrived on set near Austin TX at 5 am.

Although it was dark we could still sense the thick fog rolling over the glassy surface of the lake. My assistants got the boat positioned as the fog lifted and the early morning light engulfed the scene. We started taking shots immediately. The first dozen were good but not exactly as I had envisioned. As soon as I saw the light starting to streak through trees I knew instantly this was what we were after. The rays started small then became bigger. In less than five minutes it was all over. "

Client: Evinrude
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
CD: Chris Buhrman
AD: Matt Herrmman

See the rest of the new work at the ED shoots site


directors reel coming soon

Do you like my style in photography? Wait until you see my reel- Coming summer 2010!

Bookmark it- http://edshoots.com/reel


new html site

Want to see my portfolio is 5 seconds flat? Check it out at here.
Designed by the world famous Eric Kass.


new representation

Now represented by Tim Mitchell and his crew at TMAR-


new gallery and images

The ED site has been updated with a new gallery and new work- Check it out at EDshoots.com



Iphone shot at Denver Airport-

I'm in Alaska at the moment and am headed to Yukon, BC, Vancouver, Seattle and Glacier NP over the next two weeks. Rest assured there will be plenty of new Polaroid, Holga and iphone shots coming your way when I return-