In elementary and junior high I wanted nothing more than to be a professional baseball player with lots of sponsors. I ate and breathed baseball. I started playing when I was 5. Second base was my specialty. Growing up in Southern Cal I was a huge Angel fan. I would sneak a small radio into bed at night so I could listen to all of the games. When I was 14 I worked out a deal with one of the guards at the back entrance to the stadium; the deal was autographs for entrance. During those days only about 5-10,000 people came to the games, so I spent my summers on the first row behind the Angels dugout. Whether they won or lost I wouldn't have a voice by the end of the night. I even jumped onto the field for a foul ball once. I thought I was going to prison for life. Security just smiled and said don't do that again.

I quit playing baseball when I was 15. I turned to running instead. By the time I was 17 I had turned into a decent runner with some potential. My nights were spent with dreams of being sponsored by the time I was 18 and making the Olympic Trials. Future injuries dashed those dreams.

I've just signed with Lowepro. They are a great company and I'm excited to be working with them.


pdn photo annual

It's always an honor to win awards and be recognized within the industry. A special thanks to my designer Eric Kass and developer Mark Helton. As always they were fun and easy to work with. Both are tremendously talented.

I won my first award when I was 17. I had recently picked up a camera for the first time and my high school teacher urged me to enter some photographs in a county photography competition. Much to my amazement I won. It was a toned image of a rusty handle on a wooden gate. Nothing special, nothing fancy. But it helped me develop a life long passion for the art.


david archuleta for people

Shot American Idol's David Archuleta for People Magazine. It was a fun shoot. David was great, a bit overwhelmed for sure though. American Idols crew was really easy to work with. Sam the producer was extremely helpful and accommodating. My favorite two-line conversation from the day:

In the Limo on the way to the game:

Sam- What do you think of the motorcade?
D- (looking around at the 12 police cars and motorcycles plowing a path on the freeway) Look at the people driving by, they're taking pictures of us. They probably think I'm the president or something...



My assistant Matt. He really wanted the RV. I love traveling with Matt. He's super chill, hasn't lost anything yet and keeps things rolling smooth.


walking across america

I found BJ Hill walking along a country road headed to his home state of Massachusetts via California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota into the south and back up to the north east. Yep he's walking across the country. Really cool guy. He's carrying a book with him asking people he meets to write a message to the future President of the United States.

He's had a good trip thus far. Except for the punk who stole his gear in the middle of the Nevada desert.

You can read about his travels and cause here.