props to my team

ED McCulloch on Photoserve
Photoserve has added my work to their portfolio of the month selection. Although it's always nice to be recognized for my work, I would not be where I am today without the help of my team.

So...props to my team, without them my productions would not be possible:

Jed Colledge- 1st assist
Matt Tafoya- 2nd assist
Steve Currie- Producer
Carey Hendricks- Producer
Switchman Studios- Digital Artist
Sugar Digital- Digital Artist
Laura Johnston- Digital Artist
Kate Chase- Digital Artist Rep
Selina Maitreya- Consultant
Peggi Jueng- Stylist
Lisa Thomas- Stylist
Eric Kass- Designer


coastal memories

ED McCulloch Photography
See this big at edshoots.com

When I was a kid I would spend a few weeks in the summer visiting my grandparents ranch in Northern California. Their spot was in Redwood Valley but they also had a small piece of land just north of Mendocino.

During those excursions to Mendocino my sister and I would stand on the outcropping and throw french fries into the wind. The gulls typically didn't have to work much since the fries would usually just kind of float by them. While we were having fun defying balance and death, my dad, grandpa and uncle would dive for abalone, sea urchins and starfish in the cove below. I can still feel the grease in my hands and the humidity in my hair.


miami and montana

On my last trip to Miami I was cruising down Biscayne Blvd and spotted some pretty cool old motel signs. I had my holga with me so I decided to shoot them. These old motel signs reminded me of an assignment where we drove over 3,000 miles.

On one of the nights we ended up in a small town in the middle of nowhere Montana. The only place available for the night was a $24.99 motel. I contemplated sleeping on the park bench across the street then opted for the room; although I should have done the latter.

The room was dingy, cold and musty. The walls were grey cinder block. The bathroom floor was missing all of it's tiles. The sink was mounted into a counter made of rotting plywood. The t.v. was via the 70's and hung out of the ceiling. I turned it on for a few seconds; the screen was orange and yellow with lines running horizontal. Before bed, instead of using the bathroom I opted for the alleyway behind the motel. I didn't dare sleep under the covers, instead I whipped out my down north face bag and slept like a baby.


he's still walking

A few months ago I shot BJ Hill walking across America for Southwest Spirit Magazine. He's nearly done, ending next month in his home state of Massachusetts. Did I mention his calves are huge?


eric kass at funnel and ED patch

ED patch
I have to give props to my designer Eric Kass over at Funnel for his phenomenal job on the ED branding. The work he's done on the ED branding has won numerous awards this year.

Check out Eric's work at funnel.tv and don't forget about his sweet blog.

You don't have the highly coveted ED patch? No worries, copy the form below and drop us an email. And don't forget to say you want your very own "ED patch."