TV commercial shoot

My producer Marybeth Mazzone and my 1st AD Marc Vance. The location was beautiful.  We had two 18k's and two 10k's coming through the windows creating a setting sun feel all day.

Marc and Marybeth getting ready to roll.

Paul Meyers DP and I getting ready to roll off the first shot.  We shot with Arri Alexa and Cooke 5i primes.  The quality of the footage is the best I've ever seen from a digital camera.

Giving some direction to the talent.  In total we had 50 extras on set.

Lining up a shot.

Making sure things are looking good.

Agency art director Phil in the background.  We used maxi brutes with one or two lights lit for fill shooting through some silk and grids.

Deciding on camera moves for the band shots.